Werewolf knotting stories

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Your lungs burned as you ducked, jumped and sprinted across the wooded terrain, your knees and calf muscles tightening at each fall of your bare feet. You were no match for them, even if you were a very strong runner. You kept your eyes dead set on the light that came through the opening of the dense forest.

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All you had to do was get through the clearing, before the sun set, then you could really pick up your speed. A long, low howl sounded from behind you, igniting a chorus of echoing howls that sent chills up your spine and made every hair on Werewolf knotting stories body stand straight.

Your heart was for sure going to explode before you reached the clearing. A snap of teeth at your left ankle made a startled scream escape your burning throat. Damn them and their stealthy silence. A few growls and a couple more snaps of sharp fanged jaws came from behind you as you hurtled a fallen tree.

There was at least four that had caught up to you, and your blood was set on fire as you heard their heavy breathing so close. Fuck, fuck, fuck…. This was what was called the mating run. A tradition among the pack you had found yourself belonging too. But a few years ago you had been rescued by a few of the males, saving you from a truly horrible fate. They had kept you with them and healed you, letting you into their private world, showing you all their secrets.

From that day on you had decided to stay, becoming one of them…one of the wolves. The ritual you were participating in today had been something you were training for for months now. Typically it would have been a female wolf, one that was ready to mate with an eligible male, being chased in wolf form.

Making it a difficult catch. You, a human, had to train to make it more exciting for them. But these wolves were not blood thirsty animals of nightmares, but ancient creatures that wanted to be left alone, left to live with their customs and traditions, away from the harmful ways of Werewolf knotting stories.

And so there you found yourself, one of the pack…running, twigs and leaves catching on your long auburn hair, being chased by 12 eligible males. The weeks leading up to the chase had left you so tired you could hardly believe you had the energy to propel you forward at the moment. All 12 males had been courting you for weeks, even though you were not the only female up for a mating run.

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You were peak erotic fantasy to them, being able to fuck a human in their wolf form. It was taboo, slightly frowned upon, and very rare since they kept so closely to themselves and other neighboring packs. So the 12 males had been after you, bringing you gifts and treasures, never letting you out of their sight. You quickly became use to them touching, and rubbing on you, it was instinct to them as you were already use to cuddling up to their hairy, massive bodies.

But when hormones and the mating call were added, it became a hundred times worse. Whether they were in wolf form or human you were constantly on ones lap, or on ones back, or hands and arms were around your waist, your shoulders, brushing gently against your accented curves. It was pure sexual torture, they teased you with their lips, their long wolf tongues, their teeth but none were allowed to take it too far. Your true pleasure was meant for the one who caught you. A flash Werewolf knotting stories ghostly white flicked past your vision, it took every ounce of strength not turn your head, knowing it would make you lose your footing.

Another flash of white as a massive pure white wolf passed yards to your left. He was second in command of the pack, in line to be chief in the near future. He was the most perfect specimen you had ever seen in your life, both in human form and in wolf form.

He had been the one that saved you from your early death all those years ago, had been the one to teach you all the ways of the pack. In human form, his hair was as black as night that fell to his midback, his eyes shining charcoal as they gazed after you night after night of the past month as you would make the ceremonial walk to your room, only sheathed in a thin layer of cotton, leaving nothing to the imagination.

He was taller than the others and naturally very muscular, so his wolf form was also the biggest, and the strongest. He had been blessed from birth and was highly respected among the packs of the north, no one messed with him. So you were rather surprised to still have three wolves in solid pursuit behind you, blatantly challenging the second in command. He was the furthest from you but kept the pace you did so you could see him in the corner of your eye.

Your heart beat so quickly you were once again sure it was going to burst. Werewolf knotting stories clearing was closer now, the sun shining dimly, almost set. You had to get through before your human eyes betrayed you. You burst through the clearing and the open meadow shined gold in the setting sun, the twilight coming to an end. The stars shown behind you, the moon barely creating light over the woods. You let yourself a quick glance behind you, four massive wolves were a breath away from catching you.

You scream despite yourself which resulted in possessive growling behind you. The chase really got them going. A flash of white right next to you made you turn your head. He was Werewolf knotting stories right at you, keeping your pace, you could reach your arm out and touch him if you wanted. Your breathing was become uneven as your speed slowed. With a snap of his jaws you screamed again and lost your footing, landing on your side in the soft meadow flowers and rolling down a slight hill.

He was with you the whole way, snapping his jaws at two other males who had caught up. Then you felt the sharp pain of thick teeth sinking into your shoulder. You come to a stop as a giant wolf stood over you, his jaw possessively held tight to you, his white fur tickling your almost bare skin. He growled deep as the 11 other males surround you both. One by one they went to the ground, ears back, accepting their defeat.

The white wolf let go of your shoulder, lapping at the blood dripping from the wounds he created. Tasting your blood was all part of the ritual. You rolled onto your back, your chest heaving as your heart tried to slow its pace. He moved off of you and then began to circle you, the eyes of the other wolves following his every move. Were they going to stay to watch? No one had mentioned that. The light slip you wore barely covered any of your curves, your breasts were heavy as your nipples hardened in the now cool evening air.

You brought yourself up onto your elbows as you watched him circle you again. His eyes locked with yours as he paced in front of you, then he tilted his giant head back and howled a triumph howl into the night air. The others did not follow suit this time. He approached you then, his muzzle close to your skin as he sniffed from your shoulders down to your feet. Your chest still rose and fell rapidly as your lungs burned for the air you were gulping. But even as your body screamed in protest from the marathon it just endured, the heat between your legs was pooling, ready for the next step. He growled low as he bent forward, sniffing at you, pushing your legs open to get his nose right at the apex of your thighs.

You let your legs fall open, still leaning on your elbows watching him as he then growled again as he inhaled your arousal. A long tongue curled out and swept up the damp slit of your bare womanhood, panties had not been allowed for this. You grown and fall back as he licks you a few more times, leaving you soaking wet. You moan and move your hips against his muzzle, a low sound of approval coming from his massive body. Maybe he was going to be gentle with you, not take you like he would another wolf.

But then as if he had read your mind, he growled low and pushed you aggressively with his shoulders, making you flip over onto your stomach. He pushed one massive paw under your hips, as if demanding you raised them to him. So you brought your ass up, knees bending into the soft ground. You felt his hardness on the side of your thigh as he Werewolf knotting stories himself over you, it felt so hot and so very…thick.

A quick wave of panic passed over you as you rested your cheek into the grass, watching his paws come to rest on either side of your body, his massive head leaning down to sniff around your face, another deep growl as he licked your cheek, a final sweet gesture…. Then you felt like your were being torn open. You screamed out as his massive length sheathed itself inside your tight body, unapologetically pushing pass all barriers, no warning, no waiting.

This was not to be the gentle love Werewolf knotting stories of your romance novels, no sweet words, no soft touches…. He panted above you, his wolfish tongue hanging lazily from his muzzle. His front claws digging into the earth as he ravaged your body. His thrust were rhythmic, opening you wider with movements, your knees groaning at the weight.

Then he slowed for a moment, bracing himself as he pushed again…and knotted you. Another scream left your lips as the thick knot fit inside your tight entrance. Tears stung your eyes at the feeling of the fullness. The knot stuck as he continued to thrust, barely leaving your entrance as the movements were tight and precise.

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You begin panting as well, your upper body completely slack, not even caring of the dirt that not smeared your face as your mind and body swept you into pure bliss. Your inner walls tightened and a howl so great, so powerful, so full of lust and completion was let out into the night.

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The moon and stars seemed to tremble in the very wake of your pleasure, the earth groaning at the energy. The heat of his seed almost burned your insides as your body gave out under his weight, under the pleasure it had just endured. You lay there limp and useless as his hips jerked, making sure to not waste a single drop of his success.

Werewolf knotting stories

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