Wetting desperation stories

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Sasha and Jami both gulped down their drinks and headed into the theater. About an hour in, Sasha realized she had to pee, but her boyfriend had just come onstage. She was known for having a small bladder, and had had several accidents in the past few years. This time, she was determined to hold it. The play was going to be about two hours long. Sasha somehow made it until the end. The two girls left the theater with the crowd.

Sasha felt her phone buzz, and she jumped, causing her to leak a little.

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She quickly gained control. Her boyfriend had sent her a text. Hey look, there he is! She congratulated him, and the three of them talked for a while. Then, Sasha gave Josh a kiss and she and Jami left. As soon as they were outside, Sasha doubled over with her hands between her legs. I can wait.

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You better not have another accident in my car. Just two months earlier, on a hot day, Sasha had drunk one too many bottles of water, and ended up desperate. A while before that, she had wet herself in the middle of a concert. The list of places she had accidents included several cars, a forest, a museum, a fancy restaurant, and a sports stadium.

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Her bladder was notoriously small. Sasha was in the passenger seat, squirming and rocking back and forth. Jami was driving and slowly realizing that she also had to pee. She watched Sasha struggle, with her legs crossed and her whole body wiggling. Jami felt her own bladder jump with every movement of the car. Suddenly, another car cut in front of them and Jami slammed the breaks. Both girls jolted forward and began to leak. Jami regained control quickly, and by the time Sasha forced herself to stop peeing, there was a good sized puddle on the seat. Not again! Jami jiggled her legs up and down while Sasha bounced in her seat and danced around like.

When they pulled up to the house, both girls ran to the door as fast as possible. Jami fumbled Wetting desperation stories the keys and finally they were inside. What do we do? This is the only bathroom you have! Jami scrambled over to the closet, pulled the diapers down from the top shelf, and removed two of them from the package.

She quickly removed her pants and pulled one on with some difficulty. It was small, but it would have to do. She let go and felt pee fill up the diaper slowly with a loud hissing noise. She let out a huge sigh and pee started dripping down her legs. It was heavy.

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When she was done, she removed the diaper and threw it away. Sasha was sitting on the couch and gasping, with her diaper in her hands. Jami ran over to her and helped her put it on. Sasha collapsed on top of Jami and started peeing hard.

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Sasha felt relief flood her body as she finally let go. Jami felt it begin to bulge into her. Both girls relaxed and the diaper squished between them.

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The girls ran to the bathroom and heard water running. Source: omoradishes-deactivated See girlholdingit's whole Tumblr.

Wetting desperation stories

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