Wife feminizes husband stories

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Loved the story, can't wait for the next instalment. I'm jealous of Jackie! Love this story, can't wait for this to be me one day'my wife buys me paities and night gowns Now that i wear everyday alone with womens jeans' I would love to go all the way. Wife Feminizes Her Sissy Husband Part I Marie came home from work early one day to find her stay-at-home husband, Jack, goofing off, playing x-box with their neighbor.

To make matters worse, Jack was playing x-box with Suzie, laughing and giggling, which made Marie more mad with every giggle. Suzie looked up and awkwardly said, "Hi Marie, so happy to see you! Then Wife feminizes husband stories got to talking, sharing recipes, one thing lead to another and then we started playing x-box games.

Don't worry, I'll get it all done" Jack said a little sheepishly. I'm sorry, I had no idea that Jack had things to do today. I would have declined the offer to play video games. I really did not want to disrupt anything here. I left you a long list of house chores that you needed to do while I was at work. And what do I find? You're playing around all day with Suzie, ignoring your duties!

I'll start right now. He knew that he shouldn't have been goofing off so much. Marie left jack to his chores. She decided to go over to Suzie's house to have a chat while Jack was working. She knocked on Suzie's door. She gave Marie a big hug, "come on in, can I get you some coffee or tea?

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Oh, I was so mad at Jack but I didn't want you to get the wrong idea. I wasn't mad at you. I just wanted to make sure you knew that. I saw what was going on. But I do have to tell you this, having Jack as a friend is nice. He is a lot like the other stay at home moms in the neighborhood, but without all the drama that some of these ladies create! I know that he loves chatting with you but I have to say, I'm a bit jealous. I'll put it right out there, I don't want him to hit on you.

I don't even think of him like that. Literally, I consider him to be just a friend, really just like a girl friend. What do you talk about? This is a cute story, Jack asked me the other day about how to make my orange glazed salmon dinner. He wanted to surprise you. I had no idea that you helped him out with that! Later that night, Marie and Jack went to bed but Marie couldn't fall asleep. She lay in bed thinking about what transpired today and thinking of what she learned about Jack.

As she lay in bed, her mind started spinning with lots of great ideas on how she was going to start feminizing her husband, transforming him from Jack into Jackie. The next morning, Marie woke up and got dressed for work like normal. She also gave Jack a list of chores, "Now Jack, I want you to do the chores on this list and I don't want to come home to find you Wife feminizes husband stories around with your girlfriends. Have a great day at work, and, what do you want for dinner tonight?

Unbeknownst to Jack, Marie had called into work and arranged to take the day off. She had big plans for Jackie. Marie headed to the local mall to go shopping. She was on a mission to get Jackie some clothes that were more appropriate to match Jackie's demeanor. Marie was determined to completely feminize her husband. At Victoria's Secret, Marie found a lovely pink lace bra.

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She picked up a 38b, thinking that would fit Jackie nicely. Next stop was Aldo to find an amazing pair of high heels. After looking around for a while, Marie finally found a pair of black, lace up, pointy-toe 4" pumps in a size 11 which would fit Jackie. Next was a dress. Marie went to a few stores but ultimately found the perfect dress in Macy's. Before heading home, Marie decided to go all out and to buy Jackie a wig, jewelry and her very own makeup. It was mid afternoon by the time Marie was all done with her shopping.

She decided it was time to go home and unveil her plan to her unsuspecting, soon to be feminized, sissy husband.

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Jack wasn't expecting Marie to be home before 6pm. He did do some of his chores, but decided to take a break after lunch. He called Suzie and invited her over for a cup of coffee. Jack and Suzie were in the kitchen drinking their coffee when Marie came in the house, carrying all of her shopping bags. It isn't your fault, you didn't know. Oh, by the way, no more calling him Jack. From now on it is Jackie. Isn't that right sissy Jackie? But, he was extremely turned on and excited by it all. But, but I don't understand You see, you love to stay home and act all girlie with Suzie and God only knows who else.

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Well, today things are changing. You are now my housewife, sissy Jackie. And, I am going to feminize you completely. What do you think Suzie, should we send her to be waxed or should we make her shave herself in the bathtub? This way Jackie will stay smooth for a longer time, what do you think? In fact, on my way home, I called the salon and booked an appointment for the 'smooth operator' treatment" Marie giggled, "Enrique told me that Wife feminizes husband stories wax Jackie from the neck down to her toes and every square inch in-between.

He couldn't believe how enthusiastic both ladies were at the thought of transforming him into a house wife. Jackie's stomach had a warm tingling feeling as she got excited by thought of all that was taking place. Here is the address and you need to be there by And, I got something for you to wear on the way home. Here make sure you put on this bra and thong under your clothes before you come home. Jackie took the bra and panties, placed them in a Valentino shoulder bag that Marie gave her to use and headed out to see Enrique.

While Jackie was being waxed, the two ladies planned an evening that Jackie would never forget. At the spa, Jackie checked in and was directed into one of the treatment rooms and told to strip naked and lay face down on the spa table. Jackie did as she was told. Enrique came into the room, "Hello Jackie, I spoke to your wife Marie and she explained everything. I'm going to wax your entire body to start your transformation into a good looking girl. OMG, Jackie thought to herself, Marie is telling everyone about this transformation.

Jackie replied softly, "Thank you Enrique.

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I have to be honest, Marie is forcing me to do this, I actually am enjoying it! To Jackie's surprise, her penis got hard when Enrique began waxing it. He was very gentle and performed all the waxing with very little pain. Enrique massaged Jackie's penis, balls and butt while he went to work waxing everything.

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He saw that Jackie was enjoying it. I can see why Marie is transforming you into Jackie, your little clitty is so small.

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I think you're one of the smallest I've seen in quite some time. It's ok, I see this kind of thing happen all the time. I'll make sure to report back to Marie everything, just like she asked me to. At that moment Jackie realized that this was going to go very far with Marie and she started to accept it all. Sheepishly, Jackie laid on the table, enjoying every minute.

Wife feminizes husband stories

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