Wife raped sex story

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Innocent Wife Raped by Khan. Our journey was nice on this single road and hardly any traffic on the road. On the way we crossed so many villages and paddy fields and was enjoying our drive on this scenic route. It is getting dark and that day it was full moon and it was so beautiful atmosphere but to our unlucky by around 8 PM in that night suddenly I heard a blasting sound from my car tire and it got punctured.

I cursed on my luck and pulled the car to the side of the road and took the torch light from dash board and started replacing the tire. It was a nice night with moonlight around and there is no vehicle movement at all on the road. My wife is helping me out by holding the torch and I am trying to change tire. While changing the tire we have seen some light coming behind and one SUV stopped with lights on and one guy got down and asked us that any help is required. I said NO but he offered some help and in a 15 minutes time we were able to replace the tire.

After changing now I see another 3 guys got down from the SUV and they all came to us and one guy commented on my wife as wow! What a beauty and I objected to them, one guy immediately took a gun out and asked us to sit in the SUV keeping quite. With no choice we entered into their car and one of them started driving our car. After 15 mins of drive both the cars deviated from the main road and entered into a mud road and reached a farm house. They took us into that house, it is 2 bed room home with a sofa in the hall, they asked me to sit on the sofa and three people seated with me in the hall.

The leader of gang, Mr. Khan had taken my wife Kavita to inside the bed room. One of the Guys went to kitchen and bought a whiskey bottle, chips and glasses. He served drinks to everyone and also served a glass to me. Bed Room is right next to the hall and the leader of the gang is talking to my wife with a soft voice, asking her name, she replied as Kavita! Forced one or a smooth one, you have to decide, which way you would like to have? My suggestion is to behave like a good girl and get fucked nicely.

If you resist we have to use force to fuck you, you think about this, meanwhile let me have few drinks before my dick fuck your pussy and Khan came out. Khan ed his friends in the hall and ordered them to give him a large whiskey. He also thanked me for giving an opportunity to fuck my wife that night.

And winked at me, I just kept quite are they are making full fun of me and started laughing. Inside the room he started talking to my wife and asked her whether she was ready to co-operate or not. He laughed out loudly and said wow! Let us not waste Wife raped sex story time anymore, just obey what I say and enjoy the night, I promise I will give your good pleasure. Then I heard khan saying with a smiley voice to her, look at me Kavita, this is the Dick going to fuck you tonight. My wife screamed Oh! My God and started crying and he is laughing inside.

Then suddenly I heard two strong slapping sounds and a big cry followed from her and the crying continue for a minute. Babe nice boobs u got must be 36 sizes, nice and firm. Khan saying! Now is time to remove your petticoat bitch and see you sweetie, removing petticoat knot is easy and I like to removes petty coats.

You look beautiful in this pink panty girl, there is gap of silence and I guess he was removing her panty. The guys outside are laughing and shouting back to him enjoy the Bhai! Enjoy and give that bitch a nice fuck with your monster dick. The guys told me! Bhai dick was very big Wife raped sex story women in their area love to get fucked with that dick.

They were saying my wife was lucky to get that monster dick and will enjoy the thunder strokes from that dick that night and everyone laughed loudly. One guy in our hall became curious and he went inside. This guy was saying, Wife raped sex story Khan Bhai! She was lying nude inside with a rascal like khan who is merciless and eager to fuck her like a beast. Now they took her panty and sniffing it one by one and finally thrown her clothes on to me. I simply kept all the clothes at one place and concentrating to the sounds coming from the bed room. Inside Khan is saying, ok babe time to mount and fuck you nicely now, like a good girl spread your legs and take this massive dick inside.

Khan was asking her what was big.

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She was silent, he asked her again to tell him what was big? Then I heard another request from her asking him to wear a condom, for that he laughed and said, he liked to fuck bitches like her without a condom to feel their pussies. He is saying to her!

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Let me enjoy your juicy pussy and release my seed deep inside your womb and If you get a baby! Name the baby with my name and he laughed. Now there was only silence with some gasping sounds from my wife and her telling him that it was painful and requesting him to push slowly and begging him plz… plz…it was painful!!

But that animal khan was no mood to listen all her pleas and pushing hardly and we heard a big scream from the room indicating to everyone outside that he entered successfully. The guys outside started commenting among themselves that Bhai! Entered the bitch and now he was going to kill her with his thunder strokes and everyone laughed loudly. Khan saying to her in the room to spread legs wide to adjust her thighs and I heard a strong kissing sound, as a token of symbol that he got her I guess, After a few secs of there comes a slow rhythmic fucking sound along with her weeping sounds.

She was taking those thundering Wife raped sex story and gasping and sobbing. He was fucking her hard and I can hear the increased fucking sound inside and her gasping. He was commenting while fucking her, Bitch!

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What a nice tight pussy you got babe, long time I fucked a tight pussy like this, Must say thanks to your husband for giving me this opportunity and I hear continuous thundering stroking sounds from inside. I felt sorry for her as she was receiving a heavy and lustful thunder strokes from a rascal like Khan and my sweet innocent wife had to bear all those bashings and giving pleasure to a beast like Khan there. After a few minutes of continuous fucking, slowly the Sound subdued! Seems he got tired and taking rest on her and heard a heavy gasping sound by khan.

He must be really tired after fucking her continuously for 3 minutes without a break.

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He took some gap to get some breath and conversation with her. He replied, Wow! Then mine is the second dick in your pussy? Wow I am happy to hear that babe and I heard a couple of thundering jerking sounds! Probably he got excited and gave her couple of strong strokes as an appreciation to her to become a second dick inside her.

He was asking her how the second dick. He said why you were still crying babe! Then I heard some strong kissing sounds and then some sucking sounds inside. I guess he is sucking her boobs and trying to make her comfortable. After a couple of minutes of sucking and kissing sounds, I heard his voice again, look your nipples are hard now and you will enjoy the bottom show now and again the fucking sound begun. She got excited I guess and started moaning now instead of crying and weeping, He got excited with her moaning inside and saying!

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Now for every jerk she is moaning heavily and the show is continuing inside. The guys sitting with me were saying, look man! Your wife was enjoying the fuck from Bhai now and she was getting a proper fuck after long time it seems. She was moaning like a bitch now and her stray dogs were waiting outside here to please her more. Inside the rhythmic fucking speed increased and also the moanings from Kavita. This continued for about 5 minutes and Khan asking her to bend like a real bitch, after few seconds I heard Khan saying wow!

Bitch what an ass you got babe they are like globes and I heard couple of slappings on her ass and again started the fucking sound. The fucking sound continued for couple of minutes. Now Khan saying to her Bitch time to fill your pussy, lie down so that I can pump my seed deep inside you pussy.

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After a gap I think they changed the position again Wife raped sex story stroking sound started and continued for a while and after a couple of minutes Khan is asking her, Are you ready to take the second seed of your life inside your pussy baby and increased the fucking speed and I can hear now the increased rapid fucking sound, Kavita was moaning and asking him to fuck hard, she was also excited with the continuous fuck of the last 15 minutes, might have enjoyed and reached her climax too so moaning now loudly and asking him to fuck her hardly.

After a minute of rapid and vibrating fucking sounds, I heard a big grunt from Khan and he is shouting, Take my seed Kavita and released his seed I guess, now the sounds are stopped completely from the room and I can only hear a heavy gasping and breathing sound from Khan and my wife for a minute. After that there was a complete silence for a moment then Khan is saying! Thank you bitch for giving me great pleasure and making my dick happy tonight, I heard a big kissing sound and he came out nude with his clothes on the shoulder. He thrown the pant onto soft and wore the t-shirt and sat next to me displaying his dick.

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I saw his massive dick and God! He looked at me and pointing his finger towards his dick and saying, hey Ravi, this is the dick fucked your wife inside and enjoyed her womanly fragrances and taking rest now. He said to me, man that bitch was awesome! What a tight hole, Wife raped sex story had to work hard to pump her tight hole, after a long time he enjoyed a chick like that, and her boobs were wonderful, so firm and so good they were, becoming more firm after every time I press them.

His friends are laughing and saying Bhai! She is lucky to get fucked by you tonight. He asked one of his men to give him a large whiskey, Drinking that he was saying to me, Ravi! Took some time to open her tight pussy but after few minutes of continuous of strokes she became hot on bed and enjoyed the fuck and in fact she was giving opposite strokes when I stopped to take some breathe. It was to great to fuck her in doggy style and her ass was awesome man! And he was commenting more on Kavita body and all everyone was enjoying the conversation.

One of the Guy asked him! Bhai he could go inside, Khan said, Abdul take permission from her hubby man, not from me, Guy replied you were her recent hubby Bhai! So permit me to fuck the bitch. Bhai said he was fine and take permission from me also. He stands up and came to me and asked me with a funny tone Sir! Can I fuck your wife? She is waiting for me inside, can I go? And laughed loudly and everyone started laughing. Abdul thanked me for giving permission to fuck your wife and went inside. The guys around me started discussing on their day to day activities taking their drinks, they started discussing about how they fucked a girl last time while her father was watching helplessly and discussing about their various other sex adventures.

Inside I see a complete silence for a moment; I think Abdul was removing his clothes, Abdul was talking to her, hey Kavita how was the fuck from Khan bhai! She replied that it was nice. Abdul asking her! Are you ready to take my dick inside; she was saying even if I say no are you going to leave me? He said, Bitch! How can I leave you, you are so sexy and I will not leave you without tasting your sweet pussy. Look at my dick how hard it is Wife raped sex story how much eager it is to go inside your sweet hole and taste it and release its load into you.

Then I heard some kissing sounds for some time and heard some licking sounds also and Kavita shouting with pain in between I guess he is biting her nipples.

Wife raped sex story

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