Wife sharing true stories

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In part one I alluded to the events of a few weeks ago, and how what follows came about. Having admitted to my wife, Asha that I was interested in repeating the experience of sharing her with another man only this time being more involved we started I close my eyes, focusing on the cock sliding in and out of my sore, reddened asshole.

Moaning as I take his huge black cock Wife sharing true stories my used asshole, numb from all of the cocks that have come before it. I am full of spunk deep in my bowels. Grinning, f Back when I had my boat, I made some great friends at the boat club I belonged to at a local marina on Lake Michigan. Mark and Sandy were retired, and about ten years older than me. Despite the age difference, we all really got along well. With another At the time this happened, Shelley and I had been married for about four years, and had since had a daughter, which had basically put our exciting sexual exploits on hold for a while.

In fact, it had been over three years since we did anything involvin We still saw him in the bar most nights afterwards, but nothing ever happened again, even though he and Shelley were often exchanging glances with each Summer Shelley and I went on holiday to Crete.

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It was a last-minute deal to a fairly basic but pleasant enough three-star hotel. Ever since the unexpected gangbang a year and half earlier, Shelley had really started to change her whole attitude about sex. At the time, my girlfriend now my wife Shelley and I had been together about two years. She was twenty-five and I was thirty-four — always proud to have a slightly younger woman — and the following story is about a chance encounter that opened up a w I woke up the next morning, my head spinning from my debauched dreams.

I dreamt of every possible deviant sexual coupling. My cock was covered in pre-cum.

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I hadn't anything like a wet dream since I was sixteen or seventeen years old. Carol was still a It is going to be a long week for you. I inform you that there will be a surprise, come the weekend, but up until that time, you are not permitted to cum, regardless of what I do to you. My intention is to keep you on edge for the entire week leading John laughed loudly when Paula told him.

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The week after Amanda's overnight date with Glenn passed quietly. They tip-toed around their memories of the weekend and Sy felt a chill between them. Mandy seemed solicitous and distant, and a trace of formality drifted into their relationship.

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Ellen was quiet on the drive home from the park. She was slumped in the seat with her head back and her eyes closed as I pulled the car into the driveway and stopped. Downtown at the Savoy Hotel.

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Amanda awoke before Glenn. It was early morning and sunlight played across the walls and ceiling of the hotel room through gaps in the curtains. She looked at the ceiling and recalled the events of the for Free! Write Your Own Story. Filter Genres. The Adventures of a Cuck Continue - Part 2. Part two of three Poke Her Night There is a wonderful price to pay when hubby has a bad night.

Sandy and Mark Helping out some friends. Sharing My Wife Again We return to the swinging lifestyle…. A Dirty Foursome Sharing my girlfriend with my mates…. My Wife's First Gangbang A spontaneous sharing encounter How It All Started 3 We sink further into depravity. Upcoming Weekend Our week leading up to a weekend of absolute debauchery.

A Shy Friend Paula finds out a friend has a crush and decides to give him a treat. No Ordinary Game CH. Twilight Voyeur-part 6 Ellen and Brian are led into a new lifestyle.

Wife sharing true stories

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