Wife spanking husband stories

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I spanked him for a few minutes until he began saying it was starting to hurt a bit.

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I made a huge mess by splashing water everywhere leaving terrible streaks on almost every mirror around. After our little fun in the jacuzzi I laid on the bed and demanded he put lotion all over my skin as he massaged me he started to get really focused on one area in particular. We must of had a fun night of playing we woke up a little late but I did manage to put him over my lap for a really quick hard bare bottom hand spanking. We literally would be lucky if we have a chance for a quickie.

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I really want to spank my husband for Wife spanking husband stories different reasons mostly for fun but we all know he deserves a spanking every now and then. This Year my husband and I are going to be celebrating 16 years of marriage which to me is a huge accomplishment and I respect anyone who has these relationships that can last through the decades it takes hard work that involves listening, communication, and compromise and so much more. Thanks for your patience and sorry about delayed responses to comments and s. Thank you for all the messages asking about our well being we are doing good and hope everyone else is too.

One night a few weeks ago we had the chance to fool around a bit. It started with me laying on my back him on his hands and knees pleasuring me with his mouth. His bottom was within reach I could happily spank him at the same time, smacking him lightly while squeezing his balls felt amazing. And last week one morning while my husband was in the shower I decided to him. After undressing and stepping in I turned him around had him bend over and gave him a few hard smacks then lightly spanked him for a few minutes.

For this special th video we rented a hotel room and I promised to deliver one hundred smacks to his bottom with my hand, I also brought along my leather strap to give him another whacks. I began the spanking sitting on a chair calling my husband over, unbuttoned his pants pulled them down to his knees placed him comfortably over my lap and started smacking his bottom. After a minutes I pulled his boxers down to reveal a two lightly pink hand prints on each cheek of his buttocks.

Automatically I start spanking him again like I usually do, with firm swats lasting a good minute or two until needing to break. I guess I was to excited and nervous about others in the hotel hearing what was happening in this room, I intended for the spanking to be a slower pace but still gave him 50 whacks, rubbed his bottom and gave him the other 50 doing 40 and wanting to do the last 10 slower then I did.

The spanking began in the bedroom, while using my hand to start I had my husband over my lap with his boxers still on. I gave him Wife spanking husband stories quick warm-up and then pulled his boxers down. I continued to spank him at the same speed and intensity making sure to get an even colour on the sit spots of his little bum.

I smacked his ass harder and faster until my hand began to sting.

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I switched positions for more control and wailed on his naughty bottom with the hairbrush until his bottom had started to bruise, When the spanking had finished I had him lie over my lap until he had finished crying and whimpering. With my legs crossed and his bottom high in the air I started lightly smacking him, even through his tight underwear I could feel his cock begin to get hard.

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Spankings always seem to excite him, in the beginning anyway…. When I thought he had enough of a warm up I pulled down the underwear and exposed his little pink butt cheeks. Now the real spanking would begin. I began to spank harder and the change in intensity made my husband begin to whimper and sob.

I re-positioned him over my lap, which made it easier for me to smack his sit spots and continued to spank him until his whole bum was red. As he stood up to go stand in the corner I noticed the little mess he had left on my pants, he wont enjoy it so much next time. I did however find some time to give my husband a spanking even though it may have been a week late, I tried to make up for it.

As he stood bare bottom at the wall waiting for his spanking I called him over and place him comfortably over my lap clinching his cock between my thighs. I started the spanking slowly with firm smacks for a few minutes, then I began smacking his bottom harder and Wife spanking husband stories for as long as I could, until I needed to give my hand a break.

My hand was starting to sting so I knew his bottom was also, he whimpered as I continued to spank him with my bare hand until his bum turned from pink to red. Then I told him to go back to standing in the corner with his spanked bottom on display. Are you a wife that feels overwhelmed with children and your selfish husband wants your attention? Do you find your husbands behaviour and attitude are inappropriate and unacceptable?

Are you willing to learn a more hands on direct approach to end his childish ways? I was getting ready to start my workout for the day when I noticed my husband watching me through the door crack. He was just outside the door Wife spanking husband stories like he just came upstairs but I knew he was there already, I called him out on it. Told him to follow me down stairs where I found a spot to sit and pulled him over my lap. I started spanking his bare bottom with hard slow smacks for a few minutes. The spanking continued with a fast paced whacking making his pale ass turn bright pink, he kept squirming so I locked my leg around his not letting him move.

So, I told him to take all his clothes off and go stand in the corner and wait for me. I returned with a chair sat down called him over and guided him over my lap, with his legs spread apart leaving his hard cock exposed and on display.

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I spanked him a few more times before sending him back to the corner. Welcome to WifeSpanks. We hope you enjoy the website Please feel free to with your comments or questions. A quick spank before we go We must of had a fun night of playing we woke up a little late but I did manage to put him over my lap for a really quick hard bare bottom hand spanking.

After a month of no spankings, it finally came time to put my naughty husband over my knee.

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Spankings always seem to excite him, in the beginning anyway… When I thought he had enough of a warm up I pulled down the underwear and exposed his little pink butt cheeks. Do you find your husband only adds to your stress? Do you wish there was some way you and your husband had a better connection?

Wife spanking husband stories

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Wife Spanked by Husband