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I had fantasised about watching Mary being used by other men many times, it had become an obsession almost. In role-play and sex games it had come up time and again and I knew she also wanted it, but always pulled back. The idea of my wife as an all out cock whore may seem laughable but I suspected that once she began down that road she would not be able to stop. We both had high visibility jobs and scandal would have wrecked our life that was another fear for us Wife taken sex stories. We had talked many times on line and exchanged pictures of our Mary and his girlfriends.

I mentioned to him we would be visiting his home city, Manchester, on holiday and would he like to see Mary in the flesh. I had no intention of anything than letting him see her, perhaps even to talk to her. But he had other ideas. We had settled into the hotel and gone down for drinks before dinner, I had told Dave this ly and expected him to be in the bar. I had deliberately encouraged Mary to dress up for this reason. I wanted her to look as sexy as I found her and hoped Dave would too.

She had a black tight dress; low cut that exposed her cleavage, not a huge pair of breasts but a nice C Cup. The dress was spilt form knee to just on the thigh, finished of with black high heels and crotch less tights. I had seen his photo but was not sure I would recognise him in the flesh. After a few drinks I excused myself and headed for the toilets, I thought that Dave might take the opportunity to come up and say hello, he was to do more than that. When I returned he was standing at the bar talking to Mary and they were both chatting away quite amicably, I panicked for a second, what has he told her?

Remember we were at that conference last month. Dave knew a lot about me from on line and soon had become the charming funny guy that he appeared on line; however I knew there was a harder side to Dave from his descriptions of his sexual exploits on line. He began telling us about a marvellous club a few streets away that we really should go to.

Mary seemed game for the idea and we headed off, the empty stomach and gin was beginning to Wife taken sex stories Mary up and she became quite flirty with us both as we made our way to the club. I had brought my camera and we all posed for a couple of pics at the local sites along the way. The club that we came too was impressive indeed and Dave was obviously well known by the staff.

We were having a great time, Dave was witty and charming and Mary was at her ease. Then the champagne arrived courtesy of Dave. After a few glasses I noticed Mary was beginning to giggle and slur her words; just a little tipsy or so I thought.

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Mary went to the toilets and Dave closed up to me, he extracted some of the most revealing and dirty photos I had sent him of Mary. We carried on the evening my apprehension growing, my fears were realised as we were left alone again. I was going to go along. As the evening progressed Dave became more flirt with Mary taking her out on the dance floor, to my horror and excitement Mary was responding more and more to his advances.

I came back form the bar where Mary had sent me to get some more drinks to find the two of them locked in a passionate kiss. As I sat down I could see her hand rubbing the obvious erection in his trousers. As their kiss broke Mary looked me in the eye and smiled leaned across and kissed me with the same passion and longing I had just seen. As she leant over Dave to get to me, I could se e him sliding a hand up the split in her skirt.

She immediately responded by opening her legs slightly. The ubiquitous huge black guy! He gave him the camera and told him to take a few photos of us. The first couple were the normal tame friends out for a drink type, then Dave pulled Mary to him and kissed her deeply as he pushed his hand into her dress groping her tits. The flash went of a few times Wife taken sex stories he managed to tease one breast out and openly fondle and suck it. Dave thanked the Bouncer and told Mary she say thanks too. As I looked around the people closest had seen everything.

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The Bouncer leaned over and kissed Mary deeply and pinched and played with her exposed nipple. Nobody said or did anything, this Bouncer was happy so nobody looking on was going to say anything. Mary was still coherent, not blind drunk but she no longer to seem to have any morals or ideas of social limits. After some more dancing Dave suggested we get something to eat, Mary was totally in his grip she just seemed to accept anything he suggested, I was too shell Wife taken sex stories to do or say anything and just went with the flow.

Part of me was in terror and part wanted this to go even further. As we got outside Dave guided Mary down the alley opposite the club, once in the shadows he pushed her against the wall and began kissing her passionately. Mary responded and pulled him closer and began to rub his prick through the trousers. All as I stood helplessly watching. He soon had her tit out again and was tweaking and playing with her nipple. Suddenly he flicked her legs apart and pulled up her dress exposing her cunt to the air.

Soon she was responding to his fingers, even in this light I could see her pussy engorged and wet, wetter than she had been in years. He alternated between sucking her nipples and kissing deeply. He removed his fingers from her cunt and motioned me over with his hand; without even breaking from her nipple in his mouth he pushed my head down to her crotch. Dave began to whisper something to Mary, what ever it was she began Wife taken sex stories and nodding her head in agreement.

He suddenly stopped in front of a nondescript doorway between two shops, a stairway led steeply up to the first floor. Dave indicted to me to pay the guy. I quickly paid trying not to loose sight as they went down the narrow corridor and turned into a door way. As I came through the doorway into a small darkened cinema, just 10 or 12 aisles perhaps 6 seats either side of the main walk way, I could see perhaps 8 or 10 figures in the gloom.

The screen suddenly caught me eye as did the noisy sound track. I looked up to see a woman being spit roasted between to guys. In the gloom I could see a few of the audience had their dicks out and were openly wanking.

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I turned trying to locate Mary in the darkened cinema; a few guys were getting out of their seats and moving to the back. I tagged on the end and made my way to the back. I half expected what I would see. The area at the back had been cleared of the usual cinema seats and instead a few plastic chairs were scattered about the area.

In the down light of the fire exit I could see Dave sat in a chair and a figure kneeling on the floor crouching over his crotch. Dave looked up and alled me over; as he leant over he pulled up her dress exposing that beautiful full ass to all. Gesturing again I followed his lead and knelt behind Mary and spread her ass cheeks and began to lick her swollen pussy lips. Her moans suddenly became louder, normally she does not make that much nose during sex but now she was more vocal than ever. Dave now leant over and unzipped her dress at the back, two more guys stepped forward and helped her get it over her shoulders.

She was now naked except for the crotch less tights. Dave got up turning her around as Mary stood and presented her to the surrounding guys. There were 10 clustered around her a spotty teenager to a grey haired old man. Dave stood behind her running his hands all over her body as they looked on. He pushed her against the wall and bent his knees to ensure his dick was brushing her cunt lips.

Using his thigh he pushed her legs even further askew and pushed forward almost lifting Mary off the ground. Dave did not last that long after a few minutes he gave one last deep thrust and shuddered to stillness. Suddenly the spell was broken as the old grey haired man stepped up to Mary and thrust his hand into her open cunt, as he did the two men holding her arms returned to her tits.

The old man kissed her roughly and she soon responded in kind. One of her hands was lose now and pulled the right hand guy hard on to her tit. It was covered with Wife taken sex stories and juices and shinned in the half light.

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Suddenly a camera flash brought me back to reality as Dave took a series of pictures of the debauched sight on our own camera. The teenager could not get the angle right to penetrate Mary.

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Suddenly she pulled free of the other two men and leaning over the nearest chair turned to look over her shoulder at the group. The teenager needed no further prompting and he shuffled behind Mary. With one hand guiding his cock and the other pulling her ass cheeks apart he penetrated my wife! Only taking the knob into her mouth you could see her tongue swirling around against her cheeks. Dave now told the guys to turn her around and hold her legs wide, as they did he continued to snap as the cum dribbled form her gaping pussy and she roughly kissed her two assistants.

Dave now told the old man to bend her over the chair again as he shuffled behind Mary. Handing the camera to another bystander he proceeded to use the cum filled pussy as a source of lubricant, rubbing it over his dick and her asshole… Mary turned around and looked over her shoulder, if she was going to protest she lost her chance as a pair of hands pulled her face back around and a fresh dick was thrust into her mouth.

Dave came up onto tiptoe as he manoeuvred his dick level with her ass. Helped by the older man we spread her ass cheeks as far as we could. There was a slight resistance as his knobhead entered her anus, Mary tried to pull up and looking around I could see why she failed.

One guy was thrusting into her mouth, using it like a pussy, two other guys were running tier hands over her back as they roughly tweaked and pulled her tits. Soon she was moaning Wife taken sex stories two dicks being pushed into her mouth, as Dave slowly eased his dick further up her virgin ass. Three of us were inches away watching as it pushed further and further in. Eventually he was balls deep and slowly eased out, returning into her ass with equally easy thrusts.

As he picked up the speed of his thrusts the guys at her mouth were taking it in turns fucking her mouth, two other guys were being wanked by her, or at least she was trying as she was shuttled back and fore. With a grunt and two savage thrusts Dave came in her ass then backed away, he alled to the two guys at her mouth, there was an obvious plan arranged already. One guy lay on the floor as Dave guided her over his dick. She lowered herself onto him with a soft moan and leant forward. As she leant forward Dave held her down with his forearm and whispered into her ear.

She nodded and with a nod to the other guy standing behind her he told the older man to spread her ass again. As he did the other guy knelt Wife taken sex stories guiding his dick to her ass, slowly he fed his dick into her ass she was now filled in both holes. All the while the teenager had hold of the camera and was shooting from every possible angle. Staring me in the eye Mary pulled me down to her and began to passionately kiss me, using her tongue to push the cum into my mouth.

Suddenly she pushed me away, the tempo of the men in her cunt and ass was increasing they were slamming her almost violently back and fore. The guy in her ass gasped and pushed so hard she went sprawling over the other guy.

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Getting up immediately his dick was dripping cum, a new guy swiftly pushed into her ass with a fresh dick. The guy below her just held and supported her as 3 guys in quick succession fucked and came in her ass. There was a pause now and Mary was left kneeling on all fours in the middle of the floor. Her ass was gaping, there was a puddle of cum in her rectum, cum was dripping down her legs and her pubic hair was matted with it.

Wife taken sex stories

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