Women growing taller stories

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Try Dokkio from the makers of PBworks for free. Now available on the web, Mac, Windows, and as a Chrome extension! I was bored an looking through yahoo groups and saw this club and thought maybe you'd like to hear my story so you can know what it's really like being a tall girl and growing and not like in these stories I read online Women growing taller stories someone grows like exactly one inch a month for a years But that was like impossible, I thought, since it's over a half foot in only a couple years, and I'd only grown an inch since I got my drivers liscense when I was I remember it was Memorial day and we were cooking out and i went to put on my sneakers which i hadn't worn in awhile, and my size 6s seemed really small It's easy around here because there ain't much to do in the first place lol.

I barely squeezed into one of her old size 10s to go to the mall which is like an hour away I couldn't believe it, but we stood up and looked and sure enough our legs were the same length I was only hoping for 5'6 or so. We both only got a couple pairs, since like my mom said we were still growing girls I thought I was prolly imagining it, but it was like a tiny movement, like stretching but not I told my mom and she told me again about her growth spurt, and I said, yeah, but mom at this rate I'll be like 8 foot tall!

So after that my parents and her went to visit my grandparents out of state of a week a half I was really uncomfortable, between the air conditoning not working, and I couldn't sleep right, and my back hurt for no reason.

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But I finally made myself presentable when everyone came back and I met them as they drove up That was all she talked about that night, that I was taller than her now Sus did want to measure us both I was 6'2! That was impossible, I'd grown a foot taller in less than 2 months! When my mom asked I lied and said I was a half inch taller than Sus, since I didn't want to freak her out too much. But that night I was excited and scared I didn't have energy to do anything, I thought it was just the heat I went back inside for some water, and I was just realizing that I could see over the fridge for the first time when, I guess I just blacked out.

I woke up in the hospital, and found out that I'd passed out but mom had heard me and they'd drove me to the ER Of course, mom told them about my spurt, so they did tests, and surprised the Women growing taller stories of me when they said I was 6' I mean, 6' And then I also realized looking at myself how skinny I looked They considered treating me for a gland problem, even though they really couldn't find anything wrong, but then my dad walked in and they were convinced otherwise, that maybe it was natural after all did I mention he's 7'1??

But for the next few days I stayed in bed and rested and just tried to gain my strength and some weight back. And watched crappy tv. So not that different from home lol But finally after a week I felt better and wanted to go home I'd hit my head on the doorframe I was taller than the door!

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I got measured there at the hospital on one of those swing-arm things, and I almost stretched it to the limit I said maybe that 6'9 might not be a good estimate! They ran some more x-rays before I left and now said 6' The doctors gave me a protein shake thing, like what weightlifters use, I guess, except that it actually worked I was short, and then tall I never had a chance to be normal, really.

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I was still growing really fast too, even slowed down I know this sounds bizarre, but I was thinking the same thing! On the last day of August I finally measured myself in the morning and I'd Women growing taller stories 7' I sorta mentioned it at breakfast and everyone was like 'oh, that's nice. I'm almost as tall as you,dad! I mean, it's not like I hated being tall I liked it, really And I got gifts, which was cool They were huge! I looked at the label I tried them on to see how much room I had I had to undo the laces and squeeze in!

I couldn't believe it, I'd grown like 14 sizes I started making plans for going off to college soon I'd always be 'tall Kate'. I thought 7 foot was a good size. Josh and Sus were already back in school so my mom finally came in to wake me up, feet hanging over the bed and head stuffed under a pillow I felt strange getting up, so I asked my mom to measure me I couldn't measure myself in the doorway anymore, since I didn't fit!

She had to stretch, so she stood on some of my books and read off the tape I was floored I had the doctor's appointment coming up, and I thought about the procedure they said to stop my growth And after that I kinda went nuts, figuring stuff out And the tallest person ever by the end of the year!

And 10 feet tall by spring break!

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I kept measuring every day, but I was stuck at 7' But it was a pretty amazing summer Which really freaked me out, except that I still looked skinny So this is getting really long lol I was kinda small before my spurt, and I was small but big afterwards meaning, like everything grew but the same amount : but I started to fill out at school, and after thanksgiving I had to get a new bra because I only had a white one and needed a black one for a dress my mom made for me for a wedding we were going to.

I've got pictures from the party, I'll try to scan them in. Oh, if you're wondering where I'm going to school it's a little place no one's probably ever heard of I think after a year I've finally got an idea about how this big body works, and my dad's helping me out this summer I'm still not very good, but since I can finally dunk maybe I've got a chance it sounds easy if you can reach the rim from your tip-toes, but it's still pretty hard!

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My dad says i'm doing okay, but I joke that he doesn't have to try to play with two basketballs on his chest lol Thank heavens for extra-big sports bras lol. But it's good exercise, not all the 50 lbs I gained before Christmas and the. They're big, but I'm hoping I'll grow into them I mean, once you're over 7', everything has to be made for you, you're already ducking under doors, what's another couple inches? Yeah, there are health concerns and stuff So there you have it I can actually do jumping jacks lol : It's weird being so tall, but it's probably easier for me since I was short at first, I never got teased about it as a kid Sus does sometimes, but she usually beats up someone who does lol I'd love to meet someone as tall as me, but here in BF-egypt that's not likely : And if I keep growing, it's probably not likely at all!

But I'll hope This turned out a lot longer than I thought it would, but then again, so did I lol

Women growing taller stories

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