Work affair stories

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Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro. Workplace romances can be messy affairs, either ending in love or — as in my case — disaster. Yet meeting at work is still preferable to the incessant swiping on dating apps or picking someone up in a bar, according to a recent study by totaljobs. From having sex in a bank to dating married colleagues, men and women tell us their tales of workplace shenanigans. Years ago, I took my girlfriend along with me to the bank I worked at. As it was a Saturday, there was no one in apart from the builders, who were doing some refurbishments.

As soon as they finished, we got down and dirty, and had sex in the banking hall and ATM room. I forgot that the door automatically locks, so there we were, stuck naked inside the room, with our clothes and the room key on the other side of the door. My girlfriend freaked out, while I spent an hour emptying every desk until I eventually found a key.

That Christmas, I went to my first Work affair stories party. The junior team were attending the dinner gala as guests, while senior management acted as waiters and waitresses. I got a little drunk and was looking at this guy I had noticed earlier, but he was too young for me. At the time, I was 25 and he was probably When I went to the toilets, he secretly followed me, took me into the male toilets and started kissing and playing with me.

At the time I had a boyfriend but about a year later we broke up. Two weeks later, James and I were out celebrating ahead of my birthday. He dropped me off at home afterwards and we were sat in the car just chatting away when he kissed me. In May last year, he woke me up at 3am, bundled me into our car, flew me to Venice, and proposed. I wanted her badly from day one, but unfortunately she was madly in love with her boyfriend, a wannabe pro golfer. I stopped her, turned her so she had her back to me. I ran my hands down her body and Work affair stories her skirt.

Later, I went down on her in the kitchen. One night, whilst a group of about 10 of us were all unwinding in the local nightclub, she came up to me, told me she liked bigger guys and kissed me. We ended up going back to her place that night. After six months or so, she returned home for a holiday and arrived back with her husband.

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I had to shake his hand, after sleeping with his wife. I cut my ties at that point. We dated very secretly because he was my superior. We initially got together because a colleague recommended that I ask him for advice on a work problem. He asked me along to lunch with some colleagues and we ended up spending all afternoon talking in the pub. We never made it back to the office.

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I was a retail assistant, he was my manager, the situation was a bit controversial. We worked together for two years before we had a drunken kiss on a night out. A few days later, he got stuck at work and I offered him a lift home. We ended up chatting outside his house for hours, and decided to go on a proper date the day after. MORE : Men share what they think about to delay ejaculation. MORE : I went to a sex club — and here's what happened.

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Work affair stories

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