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I Propose - t. It's time for Xena to come back, but can Gabrielle and friends pull it off. If Only You Believe - Xenamour The original inspirational story of the Warrior's fight to free hersef from her dark past Gabrielle is tired. I'm Gabrielle, Bard of Poteidia? Gabrielle remembers her life since she ed Xena, trying to find the answer why their relationship is not the same as it used to be.

I'm Xena, Warrior Princess? The Warrior herself knows something is wrong, and she tries to find out what, looking back into her memories and inside her soul.

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Imagery - J. Heart A short, very short, piece of hopefully artistic PWP. You have two women, a storm and toss in a couple of gods and there you have it. Impressions - Claire Withercross Mistress and slave, friends, lovers, what is the nature of the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle? I was sent back to Ancient Greece to secretly observe and record my findings. I only had one day and through the conflicting evidence I think I found the right conclusion. She hoped to explore the Hither Lands as she had been unable to do on the westward march thousands of years before, but what she found instead was a world gone far downhill.

Read of how she talks to trees and they fall asleep mid-sentence. Discover why Galadriel has been ever jealous and snippy to her. Even Sauron takes an uncomfortable interest in her dark side. Not recognizing the best time to leave, she remains in the Mortal Lands and there survives the fading of her people. Across almost 17, years, Helluin's story takes her through the loss of every person she has ever known, to a meeting with a descendant so distant as to be inconceivable. In a bewildering world grown strange beyond her imagination, the love of strangers becomes her saving grace.

In the Heart of the Siege - Kamouraskan Sometime in the second season, Xena is captured, and Gabrielle finds herself forced to take desperate measures Xena and gabrielle fanfiction stories be caught between three opposing armies, Ares, and even a reluctant Xena herself.

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My attempt to see how far Xena and Gabrielle would go for a still unspoken love. Everything has changed, Xena and Gabrielle are all that is left of a long gone era, and only they knew the way out. In Her Eyes - Kamouraskan A young boy sets out to kill a warrior princess. In the Kingdom of Horses - Mary Morgan Xena and Gabrielle answer a summons concerning a ruthless episode from the former warlord's past.

Driven by her guilt to attempt to resolve dire consequences for which she feels responsible, Xena finds that not only is the survival of the Kingdom of Horses at stake, but her own and Gabrielle's destiny as well.

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This story won a Swollen Bud award. In The Name Of Love - Claire Withercross Xena's word is her bond, and when she vows to kill an enemy the next time they meet, she means it. But that was before she met Gabrielle. Now, after turning away from her evil past a reformed Xena and her former enemy meet.

Will Xena keep her word? She wants to, and she's not alone in that wish. But the outcome of keeping her word could have far reaching consequences. Fun times in the tiny Kingdom of Eroticus. Infidelity - Warriorjudge Perdicus wasn't killed by Callisto. After one year of marriage, Xena comes to pay a visit to Gabrielle.

Inhuman, Immortal, Accursed - Michael Dobler Sometimes the most deadly enemy can make the most valuable ally. A foe from Xena's past returns with an interesting proposition. Beginning just after Xena and gabrielle fanfiction stories marriage to Perdicus, it is based on the premise that Callisto did not succeed in killing the man on the day after his marriage. In this story Xena saves the one-time farmer and soon finds herself in a living Tartarus - traveling with BOTH Gabrielle and the bard's husband - desperately trying to keep her feelings for the young woman hidden while searching for a way to separate their lives forever.

Gabrielle soon recognizes in her own heart the feelings reflected back at her from pale blue eyes only now vows to another stand in the way, vows which may keep her from grasping the happiness that has been within her reach all along. Interruptions - Trigar Pure and Xena and gabrielle fanfiction stories. Love to explore issues of trust and intimacy. In Part 1Xena experiences a fit of jealousy over discovering a secret scroll of Gabrielle's called " I Sing of David ," evidence of yet one more person of the male persuasion that Gabrielle has allowed into her heart, and this le her to read Gabrielle's private diary; caught in the act.

In part 2Xena gets dragged back to Lesbos as Gabrielle insists they pay another visit to Sappho to discuss Xena's jealousy and ongoing distance issues, but due to an expectedly early arrival of the muses for the annual Muse Council, Dr. Love is forced to cut the session short, but invites the troubled pair to spend the night at her villa.

In part 3we enter the luxury of the bedchamber and the scented bath that Sappho has appointed to her guests, and we learn what really happened to Gabrielle in "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun," what really caused her to turn into a Bacchae. In part 4after a delicious love fest in the bath, good food, and good wine, Gabrielle talks about the loss of Perdicus and says that all she has ever really wanted from Xena was to be filled with her love, and with a little help from Midas and Aphrodite, they both get their golden wish.

The title says what the story is about, overtly speaking. A woman wakes up on an island that she doesn't know, with all sorts of strange wonders she has never seen before.

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But wonders are no consolation when you desperately need to go home. Weaponmaster Thraso has a quicker mind and wit than most would expect, and some difficulty walking in a straight line without tripping. The trip to her home village le to some surprisingand a rousing game of ' Slap Your Neighbour. It Never Rains, but It Pours! With Gabrielle about to fully undertake her reign as Amazon Queen, what does this mean for the tribe, who last saw Xena when she abducted Gabrielle and horse-dragged her from the village? Similarly, Ares sees this predicament, along with the theft of an enchanted chalice, as the opportunity to challenge Artemis for Xena's allegiance.

Can Xena retrieve the chalice from the keeping of a vicious warlord, win over the hearts of the Thessalian Amazons and defeat Ares once and for all?

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Lawlsfan Gabrielle goes home to take care of her ailing mother and shares some subtext filled correspondence with the warrior princess. It's also Halloween, and it seems some old friends of ours are concerned about a certain little boy. The ensuing events test not only Xena's commitment to her path as a fighter for the Greater Good but her bond with Gabrielle, who is struggling to come to terms with her identity as a warrior.

Part 1 Part 2. Journey of Discovery - Korkyra Xena and Gabrielle have to deal with Xena's heritage, a bard's festival and sick Amazons as well as Gabrielle finally giving birth. Journey of Love and Life - Lissa [unfinished] Set afterSuccession in the beginningofSeason 5 Xena and Gabrielle's homes are being threatened by war, and Athena comes to their rescue, this is a first time story that becomes a series about the love and life of Xena and Gabrielle after the events of the first few episodes of Season 5, yes Xena still ends up pregnant and there are still some pivotal things in Season 5 that must happen, but this takes their travels too different places and answers a lot of questions that I think were left unanswered by the series.

Part 1 Part2 Part 3 Part4.

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At a Distance Gabrielle is recalled to the Amazons, while Xena decides to spend some time at home. The separation proves Home is Where the Heart Is Gabrielle's father sends for her - but all's not what it seems in Potadeiaand Xena decides to find out why. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part4. Bound Xena and Gabrielle decide to pay their friend Jessan a visit, but as usual, unexpected things seem to happen. Winter's Ending Home at last, Xena and Gabrielle find that trouble follows them even there, as Amazons, Hercules, and some very unexpected guests liven up their winter.

The Longest Night Friends and relations gather in Amphipolis to celebrate the Winter Solstice, and a long-awaited ing. Reflections from the Past Xena and Gabrielle while away the long winter days translating a set of old scrolls that hold a story strangely familiar to them.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5. Darkness Falls The Rift behind them, Xena and Gabrielle start down the long road to reconciliation as they rebuild their lives. Leap of Faith A delayed trading caravan draws Xena and Gabrielle's attention, with neither of them expected. Promises Kept Back on the road again, Xena and Gabrielle find that trouble is not about to leave them alone, as Xena recieves a summons from an old comrade at arms, reminding her of a favor owed.

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Circle of Life After the bard's close call with Death, Gabrielle and Xena settle down at home in Amphipolis to await the birth of their. But things never go quite as planned, and when Amazons, forest dwellers, and enemies are involved Dark Comes the Morning Xena and Gabrielle have settled contentedly in Amphipolisand are enjoying their new baby daughter, Doriana.

Xena and gabrielle fanfiction stories

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