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I am 30 year old guy coming from a very small village in wb. This story is about 3 years back when I was 27 and had to marry because of family pressure to a girl I had never met. My wife in my marriage was a complete teen and had no maturity but just because her mother was the only one to take care of her she had to be married. There was a tradition as most rural areas in india has where girls are married before even they get 18 my case was no different. I was working in hyderabad and had gone Young wives sex stories my hometown for marriage only. I had to return back to work the next day of my marriage.

I used to stay with my aunt who was unmarried and used to stay alone. I will share those stories later. As we prepared to leave next day my dad asked me to take my mil along as she had no one to stay with. I had to agree as my aunt was ready for the same. Now lemme tell you that my mil was only 36 when I got married and had been a widow for more than 8 years. She was perfect in her figure and very sexy. When we returned my aunt and mil started to prepare for my suhaagraat.

I objected cause my wife was very young on which my aunty commanded of having it done with no questions.

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My mil just nodded. I had to agree as I have stayed with my aunt for past 20 years and she was a very strict. My aunts place was small as she was the only earning member till I started working couple of years back. It was a 1 rk with no doors connecting rooms and had a small bathroom inside the kitchen where we used to take a bath and there was a toilet just outside the kitchen.

Me and my aunt had dinner after which changed into lungi and sat in the room, while my wife and mil were having there dinner is could hear my aunt telling my wife of letting me do whatever I did and not complain or stop me. She just nodded but she was scared to hell of what was coming.

My wife then was only and had never masturbated.

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After the dinner predicate to the room with a glass of milk and my aunt and mil were in kitchen, they just drew the curtain between the rooms and went to sleep. I had milk and asked my wife to sit near me and started caressing her. I kissed her on lips and started smooching her. There was no response as she was terrified with the thought of what was coming… I stated biting her and undressing her.

Then I just untied the knot of lungi and tried penetrating here she shouted out loud and started yo cry loudly. I kissed her on the mouth but she could not take my 7 inch rick in her. After almost 20 mins of try and her shouting I got frustrated and left her and went near the window to light a cigarette.

My aunt and mil were not asleep and were hearing all along. Then my aunt and mil got up and my mil hugged her daughter and to leave her back to me they entered the bedroom not knowing that I was standing fully nude smoking in the window. My mil saw my bare ass and shied and looked down, I got hold of my lungi and wrapped it around. My sick was rock hard and had made a tent. My mother in law pleaded to show some patience with her daughter but I was in no mood to listen to that crap so I just looked away.

Preeti started crying louder. My mil asked whats the option as my daughter cannot take it. I never could disagree without aunt so I nodded and went back to bed. By then my penis had gone limp and it needed some excitement. Her mother will serve me to my surprise my mil Young wives sex stories and got on her knees nd untied my lungi knot. And started jerking my clock with her hand and then took the entire dock in her mouth.

Bit the result was same she could not take it. On which my aunt left preeti and gonorrhea bed and said maafi to nahi mileagi lekin iski saaja tum logi. My mil agreed and asked what was the punishment my aunt said till the time your daughter does not satisfy kunal, you will have to satisfy him in every way and that to in front of me and preeti. My mil became red in embarrassment but nodded and agreed. To which my aunt said then what are you waiting for?

My mil went down on her knees and started giving me a nice blowjob I was rock hard already so picked. Her up. She was wearing a petticoat and blouse. She undressed herself and went to the bed. My aunt Young wives sex stories a chair and asked my wife to stand next and watch how your husband fucks your mother.

She was in tears. My aunt pulled her close and started fingering her as shears getting hot as well. I did not get into any foreplay and started ducking my mil… She was moaning like a whore… My dick was at its full size and my aunt was smiling t the way I was ramming my mil. After almost 20 mins of nonstop intercourse I came all over my mil. And turned to my aunt. My aunt smiled and took my penis in her hand gave it a kiss and said it has a lot more left I know cupping my balls.

My mil knew there was another round coming in soon. I just lit a cigarette while my duck was caressed by my aunt and mil just lying on bed waiting for another. My aunt with another hand was rubbing her pussy. To be continued. What did you think of this story?? If IndianSexStories2. If you're on ISSstories.

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